Greetings Junior Vikings fans and supporters, fellow members of the Vikings family. As you will no doubt be aware, 2022 was a challenging season for the senior club. We were only able to field one grade and on two occasions had to forfeit because injuries meant we couldn’t field a team.

The two years lost to covid were not kind to us. Players left and many did not return. Also, for several years, the responsibility of running the club fell on too few shoulders, President Matt Barnes, Senior Vice President Andrew Barrett and Secretary Nathan Ryan did an excellent job but were stretched thin. That has changed.


A new board recently elected

Led by President Spiro Lozenkovski, the new board has all 16 positions filled and a number of Important sub-committees are already active. These, include the Facilities and Sponsorship and Recruitment sub-committees.

The Facilities Sub-Committee, led by Marcus Claridge, has already completed a ground audit and work will soon commence on a major refit of the Vikings facility. The Sponsorship Sub-Committee has been vigorously wooing local businesses and excellent results are expected from these efforts in the New Year. A fund has been established that will hopefully ensure that all players’ fees are covered by the club. It is also hoped that players who need it can be helped with income protection insurance.

The search is also on for coaching staff for season 2023 and several initiatives are being explored to attract new players to the club and retain existing ones. It is hoped Vikings will field two grades in season 2023. To do this we need 40 registered players. To this end, the senior Vikings club is extending an invitation to big brothers, uncles, fathers and friends of junior Vikings players to consider tying on the boots for season 2023. We could certainly use your help. This is just a brief update to left the Vikings family know what is happening with their club. Anyone who wants to help in any capacity will be welcomed. Please contact Spiro on spiro@bearsgroup.com.au.

Club Sponsors

The club is proud to acknowledge the many businesses and individuals whose generous support ensures Vikings’ continuing success.
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