Facility & Function Hire

Vikings clubhouse and ground are available for hire for functions and events. See below for hire details and terms and conditions.

Vikings clubhouse and ground are located on the Corner of Swan and Corrimal Street Wollongong, NSW 2500.

Facility Hire

Terms and Conditions of Hall Hire

Under the terms and conditions of the Club’s lease of the premises from Wollongong City Council, all hirers must comply with the following conditions. Bookings WILL NOT be considered firm until an “Application to Hire” form has been completed and all fees and bond monies are received by the Hall Manager.

The following conditions apply and must be agreed to in writing by the hirer.

The following terms and conditions apply to the hire of the Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club Function Room and must be agreed to in writing by the hirer as part of the Hire Agreement.


Hire Period1 Hire Fee2
Mon - Fri
Fri - Sun Deposit3 Bond4 Cleaning Fee5 Rubbish Removal6
Half day (3 hours or less)
between 9am – 5pm
$165 $225 $50 $500 $120 $100
Full day (3 hours or more)
between 9am – 5pm
$275 $550 $100 $500 $120 $100
Evening 6 hours – inclusive of bar staff
(less than 80 people)
  $900 $200 $500    
Bar staff $50 per staff / per hour (Minimum 2 per event)
Hourly rate Options available on request.
Contact: Nathan Ryan via hqmonaro2door@yahoo.com.au

All prices are inclusive of GST

  1. Hire period is inclusive of ALL time required accessing the facility.
  2. Hire Fee (less any deposit paid) must be paid in full no later than 21 days prior to the function.
  3. A booking is not secure until the Deposit is paid and a completed Function Room Hire Agreement emailed to Nathan Ryan via hqmonaro2door@yahoo.com.au and accepted by the Function / Hall Manager. Deposit is non-refundable if cancelation occurs within 14 days of the function.
  4. The Bond must be paid in full no later than 21 days prior to the function. The Bond is refundable provided that the premises have not been damaged, is left in a tidy condition and the terms of the Hire Agreement have not been breached. In the event of damage to the building, surrounding area, fittings or contents, the Hirer will be responsible for the full cost of any required replacements/repairs, including above and beyond the initial Bond amount.
  5. A Cleaning fee of $100 is payable in addition to the Hire, if not left exactly as you have found the hall.
  6. Hirers are responsible for removal of all rubbish from the premises. It should be noted that an additional Removal of Rubbish fee of $100.00 will be deducted from the bond should rubbish be left anywhere in the Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club premises or surrounding grounds.

Discounts are available for members, life members and immediate family of members of Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club.

Use of the Facility

The hirer is to ensure that nothing is permitted which is disorderly or unlawful in connection with the use of the premises.

  • The hirer shall, while on the premises, abide by the directives of Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club Committee and or the function hall manager.
  • Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club Committee reserves the right to ban and/or have any person or group removed from the premises where the person has caused, or is likely to cause, injury or damage to other persons or property.
  • Hirers must be respectful to the neighbouring residences and passing public. Noise volumes MUST be kept at a reasonable level due to the close proximity of neighbouring houses. The hirer is responsible for ALL guests and attendees.
  • No exclusive use can be granted of any public area outside the confines of the premises. Including the field or the gym area.

Hours of Operation

  Sun – Thu Fri - Sat
Hours of hire 9am – 10pm 9am – 12am
Hours of bar service Close at 10pm Close 11pm

No Smoking

  • No smoking within the building, in accordance with Council Regulations, and 4 metres of the building


  • No BYO alcohol is permitted on premises.
  • All events that serve alcohol must be served with food in accordance with licensing laws. All of our staff are trained in the responsible service of alcohol and signage is displayed on the premises to indicate this. Proof of age is to be provided on request and refusal of service will result if not supplied. Intoxicated persons will be refused admission or service and if abusive, will be asked to leave the function. We supply red, white, sparkling wine, a variety of beers and soft drink. We also supply scotch, bourbon, vodka and some other spirits on request.
  • We generally do not provide table or floor service. However, if requested we could supply floor service at an additional cost.
  • No alcohol will be supplied 30 minutes prior to the end of the event.
  • Bar staff who consider a patron to be intoxicated will advise the patron that further alcoholic beverages will not be supplied to them, and that the patron is required to leave the premises immediately.
  • Bar staff (2 per hour, if over 100 people there will 3 bar staff) at $50 per person per hour. Note Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club staff are members and are covered by Insurance.


  • In accordance with liquor licensing requirements the hirer will be required to provide food of a substantial quantity for the number of patrons attending the function. Failure to do so, will result in the termination of alcohol being supplied until food is provided.
  • Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club does not provide crockery, cutlery, or linen. Please note our bar staff are not responsible for any duties with regards to catering. Your caterer will need to supply adequate staff until all food services are completed, including table clearing, clean-up, and pack up.

Care of the Premises

  • No decorations are to be affixed to walls, windows, Honour Boards or plaques without the consent of the Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club Committee.
  • The premises and the facilities must be left in a clean and tidy condition by the hirer prior to vacating the premises.
  • The hirer must ensure that all rubbish in the hall has been removed.
  • The vacuuming of the hall is the responsibility of the hirer.
  • No fireworks or flammable materials are to be brought onto the premises.
  • No chemicals or toxic materials are to be brought onto the premises.
  • All items left on the Club premises after the function may be removed and disposed of at the discretion of the Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club Committee.

Music and Noise

  • Music and noise are to be restricted to a reasonable level. All music and noise must cease by 11:00pm on Fri and Sat, and 9pm Sun to Thu.
  • The level of noise emission from any activity within the premises shall not exceed normal background noise levels, when measured at the nearest boundary of any residential property.

Damages and Repairs

  • The hirer will be responsible for any expense in connection with repairs, breakages or loss of equipment and improper use of safety equipment and/or cleaning which may become necessary as a consequence of the booking.
  • Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club Committee reserves the right to determine the cost of any damages and/or extra cleaning necessary, above and outside what is normally expected following usage of the premises.
  • Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club Committee reserves the right to retain all or part of the bond to meet such costs as necessary and to bill the hirer for additional costs over and above the bond.


  • The hirer should have their own insurance for any items of value brought into the premises.


  • Children on the premises shall be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.


  • The hirer must provide ‘licensed’ security for the event, if this is deemed necessary by Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club Committee.

Breach of Agreement

  • Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club Committee reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to approve any application or to cancel the agreement at any time for any breach of policy and procedures.
  • Failure to comply with the requirements of this policy will be regarded as a breach of the agreement, giving Wollongong Vikings Rugby Club the right to sue for recovery of any amount due or to cancel all or any such future bookings.
  • Confirmation of the booking is made when the deposit and a signed, completed Hall Hire Agreement have been received by the due date.

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